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Q. How do you create a web site?  
A. Well, lets look at the website process.  
Q. Do I have to sign a contract?
A. Of course there's no contract to sign.  We believe in fairness!  You be the judge.  
Q. Is there a guarantee?  
A. Want a guarantee.......If you don't like what you see, then you don't have to spend a penny.  
Q. How long does it take to build my website?  
A. The average time it takes to complete a web site from start to finish is about 4 weeks.  
Q. Does Southwest Web Designer's only create websites?  
A. "No" our main focus is websites but we also create business logos, provide web hosting, web maintenance/management, domain name registration, and search engine optimization.  
Q. My website needs maintenance, but it's already hosted with someone else.  Can you help?
A. "Yes" we would love to maintain your site, but we will need to get the web hosting information from you so we can access your website server.  
Q. I pay $30 a month to host my website.  Is that about what I should be paying?  
A. Let us find a hosting company for you.  We offer business web hosting for only $10 a month.  Or  you could sign up yourself with our partners!  
  Quality, affordable web site hosting with 24/7 customer care - click here for ThinkHost.  
Q. I have a website now, but it never pulls up on any of the big search engines.  What should I do?  
A. Web marketing is an important part of a website.  We can help you register your site on those search engines and help drive traffic your way. We offer search engine registration starting at $90. Or you can sign up yourself with our partners.
TOP TEN search engine placement or it's FREE!
Q. How do I register the name I want my website to be on the world wide web?
A. You need to register your chosen name with a "domain name registration" company. We can get you registered for 2 years for only $90, or you could sign up yourself below.
FREE Domain Registration with the purchase of any hosting package
Q. What is a search engine?
A. A search engine is a website that allows you to search through a huge list of web pages which it has made by going through the web itself and making a list.   For example: or
Q. How do get a higher page rank?
A. Make sure you use the most effective page titles, descriptions and key words (Meta tags) on all of your pages. To find out more, go to
Q. How do I get a hold of Southwest Designers?
A. Here's how click here!
Q. I am an amateur web you provide a service that can just "tell me how to build websites myself?"
A. Unfortunately, we do not tell our secrets to non-customers.  However, if you are a customer, or a potential new customer, we may bend the rules a little. Click here to email us your question.  Maybe we can help. If you are interested in taking a small training course with us (Denver residents only) we will gladly show you the ropes for a small fee.
Q. I've seen some sites on the Internet that require the Flash player or Flash plug-in.  Just what is Flash and does your company create "Flash" web sites?
A. Flash is software created by Macromedia.  It enables web sites to integrate sound, animation, and interactivity.  An entire site can be created from Flash or just parts of pages. We do not recommend building your whole site out of Flash because of the time it takes to download the content is considerably slower.  We build web pages that load fast and it's as simple as that.
Q. Is it better to select a web design company that lives in my city?
A. Now a days it is really not necessary.  Most all of the communications takes place over the phone, email, and internet. The nice thing about choosing Southwest Web Designers is you don't have to meet with the company for every idea that you may have.  We simply gather your ideas over the phone or email, and make instant changes over the internet for you to see.  How's that for results!
Q. What if I already have a web site and just need a web form built?  Can you do that?
A. No problem! Usually only takes about 1-3 days and is as low as $20 bucks!
Q. Can I monitor what changes are taking place on our new site?
A. Yes. Through our special online viewer window.
Q. My business is serious about being in the top 20 of the search engine giants (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.)? How do other websites get that kind of exposure?
A. This is the most common question asked by our customers and it is difficult to answer.  Some websites have little or no competition and therefore are always in the top 10.  Some websites have extreme competition and pay huge amounts for marketing (thousands even millions). And some websites are built properly and optimized to each of the search engines criteria.  We do research on today's radically changing search engine criteria and offer "search engine optimization." We are serious about driving your page into the top 20. Click here to find out more details.
Q. How do I start the design process with Southwest Web Designers?
A. Here's how click here!
Have any more questions?  If so, please feel free to call us at 303-917-3996 or email us at [email protected]We're open M-F, 9-5, MST.

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