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Web Site Optimization


This service was designed to rank your website substantially higher than what it is right now.  We believe if your not in the top 20 on the best search engines, then your probably not getting the results your small business wants to achieve. Here's where we can help.

We offer "search engine optimization". This service is a serious business inquiry only.

  • We will optimize your keywords, meta tags, titles, and descriptions

  • We will get your site ranked in the top 20 in as many top search engines as we can

  • You will see an increase in web site traffic because you will now be seen in the top 20


  • 85% of all online sales is currently being produced by 15 Major Engines
  • Your business must be prepared for higher customer turnout

Not only do we optimize your keywords and tags, we also use a new technology called O.I.P.'s or "Optimization Indexing Pages". These pages are non-publicly viewed pages hosted on our own servers that are seen by the engines as completely unrelated websites. The purpose of these pages is to increase your sites submission routines beyond what your competition can produce.

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