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Viewer Window


With our NEW special online viewing window, we work with you in a very unique way.  We work together over the net, building what you want.  No more meetings every week and no more wasting a bunch of paper. 

No more meetings every week and no more wasting a bunch of paper with our new online viewing window

After we receive your deposit, your home page will be available online immediately.  In just a few days, you'll see how the rough draft of the home page  looks!  If you don't like what you see or have better ideas, this is the place to tell us. 

We'll make instant changes and all you have to do is ask.  Best of all, it's all for your viewing pleasure, right at your fingertips.  Just click and feel happy. You can truly say YOU designed the website!

Amazingly, we show you a style sheet of your home page in our special online viewing window.   Now you can keep an eye on us from your home, the office, or at a friends!

Click here to see an example of the viewer window.


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