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Website Maintenance / Management


Southwest Web Designers can manage your business website monthly or do you a quick favor.  As a matter of fact, the more you let us handle your web pages, the more optimized the website will become.  Either way, we get you back on track, making your site as up-to-date as it needs to be.  Check it out!

Note: We can only perform web management or maintenance on established websites. Your website must already be up on the net or be built by us. This service is not intended to "make-over" business websites.  For page "make-over's" please contact us for special pricing options.

Take a look at some maintenance we do:           We get you back on track making your site as up-to-date as it needs to be
  • Update web page information / content
  • Put in fresh pictures / restore missing ones
  • Quick touch-ups to web pages
  • Deleting items no longer in use
  • Create a simple web form that emails the results
  • Links to other websites or web pages
  • Speed up website download time (if applicable)

Website Maintenance: for only $20 - $40.

(1-5) pages $20 flat rate * one time quick fix
(6-10) pages $40 flat rate  
Web Form Creation $20 flat rate  
   simple form    

Website Management: for only $20 - $80 a month.

(1-5) pages $20 monthly  
(6-10) pages $40 monthly  
(11-20) pages $80 monthly  
(21 & up) pages $160 monthly  
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