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Contact Us The following outlines the development of a new business website.  
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1. Project Initiaton: The project begins with you contacting Southwest Web Designers and introducing your ideas for a new website.  Here we discuss points of contact, objectives, domain name registration, and hosting.

2. Development: This is the information gathering phase. Everything that goes into a web site from graphics to company history is collected. Anything the client can provide in the form of media or information is gathered and sorted out.

3. Architecture: The site begins to take shape here. A rough draft of the homepage will begin to take shape and will be available to view online through our viewer window.  We recommend that you choose our service package.  The site can be available immediately over the internet and changes can be made throughout your whole site!

4. Designing: We want to make sure we are creating what you want.  Our experts have the tools you need to put your imagination to work.  At this point, we will follow your lead.  We offer suggestions throughout the process to help make your site clean.

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The following outlines the development of a new business website


5. Quality Check: We double check the functionality of the website.  The site is then tested on various web browsers & monitors to ensure their quality & effectiveness.  

6. Keep Designing: By this stage a solid home page look will be established and all other pages will follow a similar style.  Most websites should be clean and simple. 

7. Strategy & Tips: We want you to understand why it is important to have a website.  We'll give you some information on how to maintain, manage, and optimize your site.  And we also show you how to make your website effective.

8. Quality Check: Another quality checkpoint will make sure the site is organized and ready for final review. The site is getting ready for final approval from the client

9. Site Completion: The site is completed per your authorization, and payment shall be collected by Southwest Web Designers.  We will then mail the site to the client and the next three steps will be offered.

10. World Wide Web Registration:Your website must be registered over the world wide web in order to claim the domain name of your choice ([email protected]).  Domain names are not always readily available.  Another individual may have already claimed it.  Sometimes it is necessary to claim a similar name that sounds like the one you wish to purchase. 

11. Uploading To A Server: Launching your website:  You must  register and upload your site to a hosting server.  Hosting companies provide use of these servers for a monthly fee. If you have authorized Southwest Web Designers  to help you with this step, we will upload your whole website to our hosting server for you. We recommend you choose us to help make the web design experience a breeze. Any last-minute changes or additions can still be implemented at this time.

12. Web Marketing: Finally, you need to make sure your site is seen. Registration with various search engines will help draw web traffic to your pages. The extent to how much is spent on marketing is determined by the client.



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