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If you have decided to try marketing on the Internet, the following is a short list of the most critical factors in achieving success. Do not underestimate how important these items are.

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  • Test your web site on at least the two most popular browsers. (Netscape and Internet Explorer).

  • Your web site must entice the viewer to return frequently. Give them something to return for.

  • Your web site must be intuitive and easy to navigate. A properly organized design is a must.

  • The ordering or feedback process must be easy to use, secure, and reliable.

  • Your web site must be kept fresh with frequent updates.

  • Make sure you use the most effective page titles, descriptions and key words (Meta tags) on all pages.



Reasons for failure

Reasons for failure:  
The reasons for failure are complex and difficult to quantify but the following list provides some of the probable causes:  
  • The product or service is not suitable for selling on the Internet.

  • Unreasonable expectations and/or unattainable goals have been established.

  • Site is unattractive, difficult to use, takes too long to load or does not load at all.

  • Pricing of the product or service is not competitive.

  • There is no clear way provided to place orders or request quotations.

  • The web site is not listed in readily found indexes.

  • The web site is not properly designed to be found by search programs.

  • There is no promotion of the web site, the site is like a needle in a haystack.  TOP TEN search engine placement or it's FREE!

  • There may be many competitors on the web with superior web sites.


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